Conwotec is your design factory

The harmonization of IT and construction is our core competence. To turn your high-tech working environment into attractive office space, creative minds are needed to structure the requirements of the various departments and incorporate them into the interior concept. Our concepts focus on designs that give your office, conference room or entrance area that certain something and fully reflect your technical requirements.

for highly attractive working environments

Our project management organizes our designer’s ideas and drafts and integrates them into the project structures. Considering your corporate identity, your company’s policy and principles, we create spaces which ensure the harmony between design and your company. Always supporting your work flow, functional needs and in accordance to all common norms, guidelines and DIN regulations for working places.

and customized interior fittings

According to your requirements, we develop your individual interior design, harmonized with your IT-infrastructure, work flow and corporate identity. Functional and aesthetic. Our solutions include first-class workplaces, conference rooms, receptions and food corners, which fulfill your expectations.