Workspace 4.0 – Roombooking as SaaS Solution

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a relatively new concept that enables companies to quickly and easily integrate technology services into everyday work. It essentially eliminates the need to invest in infrastructure, as SaaS solutions are usually subscription-based services that are hosted by the service provider.

As a result, the service provider is responsible for developing and maintaining the required infrastructure. Nowadays, many companies, from small start-ups to large corporations, use SaaS for CRM, ERP but also to optimize work organization processes, such as the integration of room booking systems.

Without a room booking system, the organization of meetings and the availability of meeting rooms often end in chaos. Even with meticulous planning, it is not uncommon for a room for a certain meeting not to be booked at all or for two different meetings to be planned in the time window. In view of the introduction of new ways of working, in which the office primarily serves as a place for meetings and networking, these components of the room organization should function properly.

The challenges of booking a room are not limited to meeting room availability or project spaces. They also extend to the requirements of the room. For example, a certain meeting may require a projector or whiteboard to be available in the room. If this could not be ordered at the time of booking the room, this will lead to unnecessary delays. Likewise, due to an error, it can take some time before an alternative room can be booked if the booked room turns out to be too small to accommodate all meeting participants and the meeting participants have to move. The potential damage to reputation, even if only for one meeting, should not further be detailed here at all.

The difficulties described above can be avoided by using a SaaS-based room booking system.

We would take advantage of SaaS when booking a room through two real room booking SaaS, i.e. Robin and Roomzilla, illustrate.

Roomzilla solves the problems of booking rooms with a number of innovative functions. For example, once a room has been created as a resource within the system, the necessary amenities and equipment can be added to it with just a few clicks. In addition, it is equipped with a search engine that can find an available space according to the filters applied during the search. Roomzilla uses its resources optimally through its check-in system, which prevents unused room bookings. Similarly, Robin also has various qualities that make the room booking process easier. Its extensive data analysis enables us to make more informed decisions. This may include making the most of office space and choosing rooms that best suit the nature of the work. Indeed, Robin is smart enough to judge the qualities of the space and make suggestions for its uses. For example, if the room originally selected for interviews is already booked, Robin would suggest another room suitable for the same purpose.A large number of other providers also offer similar solutions. Decisive advantage! Due to the subscription model, the solutions can usually be canceled at short notice and without much administrative effort.


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