Videoconference services – looking for a secure solution?.......there you go.

The boom for video conference solutions is unlimited. Within the last weeks, the number of Zoom users has grown more strongly than in the entire financial year 2019 and as well Cisco and Microsoft are recording massively increased access rates to video conferencing solutions.

However, Zoom in particular has attracted attention in recent days with a wide range of negative headlines. Including spongy data protection guidelines and spying on users (read more at motherboard the Tech Portal of Vice)

An alternative service to the well-known products is the open source software Jitsi. The service enables video and audio conferences as well as screen sharing and instant messaging. It is used via a web browser (WebRTC support is required).

Decisive advantage of the product, the Jitsi video conference is available free of charge and runs on your own servers.

By hosting the service on the own instance, the communication operated via the channel remains within the company. Depending on the quality of the internal IT security, the service is therefore much more secure than services hosted by third parties who decrypt the data traffic on their servers.

In addition, access to the source codes of Jitsi allows you to configure the layout, for example to integrate the colour concept of your own corporate identity.

Users who are not able to run their own servers but still want to get to know the Jitsi service can do so via the official instance or app of Jitsi-Meet.   

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