COVID-19 HELP - Small measures your IT support can implement immediately

Medium-sized and small businesses are currently forced to rethink their usual working methods and communication channels due to the Corona crisis and COVID-19. If the key challenge is to secure operations, the entire organization can be relieved with a few small measures.


External communication

  • Adjust your Google profile if the opening hours have changed
  • Set up automatic e-mail answers to frequently asked questions


Internal communication

  • Store the contact information of your employees, suppliers and customers online so they can be accessed from any device.
  • Create a business continuity plan and share it with your employees via an email address that they can access when they're out of the office.


Work remotely

  • Prepare yourself to work with different types of networks. Use devices and peripherals that allow you to go online wired, wireless and over 3G/4G.
  • Collaborate on a shared document, a quick conference call, or by creating an email list or chat room.
  • Back up important documents in different products. For example, by uploading files to the cloud via Google Drive and storing a copy in Microsoft OneDrive. The files can then be downloaded to your mobile phone or computer for offline access.
  • If you use managed devices (laptops, chromebooks, tablets...), make sure they have the right policies in place to access corporate resources from home.
  • Inform your employees that devices and data are safely stored at home.


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