Conwotec is your navigator

We interpret and represent your interests in the planning and realization of IT-projects for your future workplace. As your navigator we know our responsibility, point out the pit holes and circumnavigate the risks. As we are the single-point-of-contact for you and all project members, we eliminate overlaps, insecurities and misunderstandings before any of these could jeopardize your project.

We find the best possible route for your project

We coordinate the diverging goals of user groups and service units and formulate the requirements for planning and realisation. With best expertise we present your interests to architects, specialist planners, building operators and technology suppliers. Due to structured coordination of project members and early integration of optimization processes of all sectors, the project success remains sustainably secured.

and we support you until you reach your goals

Rely on our experience in coordinating IT and construction. We remain on board until we reach the save harbor of your project completion - on schedule and within your budget.

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Conwotec is your certified Google G-Suite partner for mobile working solutions.
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