New spaces need
new technologies.

Conwotec provides unique know-how in the transformation of IT-landscapes, to provide
mobile devices for flexible, cost efficient and location-independent digital workplaces.

About Conwotec

May we introduce ourselves: 

Your consultant for the location-independent workplace 4.0

Together with you, do we want to create the workplace of the future. To promote innovation, reflect your technological capabilities and lift up to the vision of a networked world. We see this change in everyday work as the critical factor to improve people's lives and ways of working.


As a leading think tank for the digitization of office concepts with free seating standard, do we focus on the substitution of location-based desktop computers by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and their use as full-fledged end-user workstations. Therefore, we combine the latest technologies with your workflows and processes and develop, together with you, the digital workplace of the future.

Our Key-Features

Secure by design

24/7 access

Free-seating “approved”


Central device management

economic hardware

Our Services