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In the last couple of years, the use of technology was on the rise in all developed nations worldwide. In our current working culture, the coronavirus pandemic was just the straw that broke the camel's back. We can all agree that video conferences marked this new era of remote work. The workspace 4.0, with its remote and hybrid working structure, brought in an enormous bill for all the technical equipment that needed to be purchased with those online meetings...

A significant change is currently happening towards a decade-old trend of workplace flexibility. The trend started to accommodate the employees so they can have a better variety of space types inside their physical workplace.

Discover the BYOD trends in companies and how they can help their workers for a better performance from remote working.
According to 86 percent of corporate leaders, remote workers raise the risk of a data security breach. So, both corporate executives and workers must assume equal responsibility for doing all possible to secure their company's data...

If hybrid work is here to stay, we need to learn more about how companies adapt their environments to this new reality!

Working remotely allows us to work and complete our tasks more efficiently than we ever thought possible. This is a new paradigm in all work environments, especially since the quarantine shutdown of companies...

In this age of IT, different devices are used throughout organizations for performing day-to-day tasks. These devices become endpoints of an organization’s network and managing them becomes a challenging task. This is because of their heterogeneous nature in terms of device type (laptops, desk computers, smartphones etc.) and operating systems (MacOS, Windows, Android etc.).  Furthermore, it poses security risks as well since devices are not always issued by the parent company and may be owned by the employee...

Given the magnitude of the shift, IT and users alike adapted fast. So, businesses were able to continue conducting business reasonably smoothly. Furthermore, across the board, employee productivity increased – and stayed that way long after the first adrenaline rush had worn off.

For years, management gurus predicted that a dispersed workforce would become the new normal, and now it has. Despite the fact that the epidemic is still ongoing, the contours of the post-pandemic workplace are beginning to...

Google's User Experience (UX) scoring system, which is used to rate the user-friendliness of a website, will go live soon. It rates the user experience across different factors called Web Vitals, which have their own respective scoring criteria. Among these factors, Core Web Vitals is a subset that comprises of 3 metrics which measure page speed and user interactions.

Working remotely allows us to work and complete our tasks more efficiently than we ever thought possible. This is a new paradigm in all work environments, especially since the quarantine shutdown of companies.

Certainly, the practice of distance and self-isolation is one of the absolute trends in 2020. Almost everyone whose job description allows it and who has the corresponding infrastructure in his own four walls is shifting a large part of the daily work routine to the home office.

This development is forcing companies to rethink the long-standing proven methods of collaboration and in particular, to rethink the topic of cooperative working.

The boom for video conference solutions is unlimited. Within the last weeks, the number of Zoom users has grown more strongly than in the entire financial year 2019 and as well Cisco and Microsoft are recording massively increased access rates to video conferencing solutions.

Medium-sized and small businesses are currently forced to rethink their usual working methods and communication channels due to the Corona crisis and COVID-19. If the key challenge is to secure operations, the entire organization can be relieved with a few small measures.

The demand for technologies to support location-independent, collaborative work is creating unprecedented demand for technology companies that offer appropriate solutions. In addition to products from the Microsoft, Altassian or Cisco portfolio, is there a range of solutions which should also be considered.

Various services, which are mostly available as open source solution and try to convince with low costs and the possibility of installation on own servers, are presented in the following.

Cloud technologies have revolutionized the possibilities of the working world in recent years, though many companies have long found it difficult to move away from traditional working methods and maximum personal presence of employees. Flexible and location-independent working was treated more as a trend than a "must have".

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