Conwotec is your navigator

We interpret and represent your interests when planning technical environment and IT infrastructure for modern working environments. As your navigator we know our responsibility, point out the pit holes and circumnavigate the risks. As we are the single-point-of-contact for you and all project members, we eliminate overlaps, insecurities and misunderstandings before any of these could jeopardize your project.

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IT-infrastructure concepts

Based on your targets and hardware requirements, we develop the “right” IT infrastructure for your workspace. Whether location risks, redundancy concept or IT security. Our team of computer scientists and project managers provides you a holistic concept, tailored to the framework of the project.

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Conwotec is your design factory

The harmonization of IT and construction is our core competence. To turn your high-tech working environment into attractive office space, creative minds are needed to structure the requirements of the various departments and incorporate them into the interior concept. Our concepts focus on designs that give your office, conference room or entrance area that certain something and fully reflect your technical requirements.

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