Conwotec is your navigator

We interpret and represent your interests when planning and realising expansion projects including technical environment and IT infrastructure. As your navigator we know our responsibility, point out the pit holes and circumnavigate the risks. As we are the single-point-of-contact for you and all project members, we eliminate overlaps, insecurities and misunderstandings before any of these could jeopardize your project.

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Conwotec is your BIM manager

Based on your goals and demands, we develop your company-specific BIM strategy. We support you in defining structured and repeatable processes and implementing these into your project schedule. From the outset we integrate your project teams and network partners and, as single-point-of-contact, we offer specific know-how available for all parties involved.

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Design factory

Conwotec is your design factory

The design of highly attractive office spaces is our core competence. In collaboration with creative designers and interior architects we provide outstanding architectural concepts for your working environment. Our main focus bases on drafts which will turn your office, conference room or entrance hall into something special. Always supporting your work flow, functional needs and in accordance to all common norms, guidelines and DIN regulations for working places.

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Conwotec is your FM specialist

We develop a sustainable concept for your facility management based on your expansion activities. We incorporate our knowledge of the local market as well as our experience in management of office buildings.

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